It is amazing what a positive effect a quick and simple creative exercise can have your productivity.

For the last couple of months, following this Halloween, there has been a pile of Lego blocks sitting next to the Kureg. Every time that I went for coffee, and I go for coffee quite frequently, there was a new design. I would take a picture of the blocks current design and then start on my own. Within 2-3 Minuets I will have completed my design, snap a picture and be walking back to my desk. One of the things that I really appreciated about the activity was that it provided an easily achievable design exercise. Normally when I find myself wandering back to the break room to top off my coffeee, it is because I have hit some mental wall: Revit not doing what I want, being unable to get a detail just right, or reading a particularly troubling email. The blocks provide a change in thinking and allow me to get some space from my currently problem, which inevitably gives me the perspective to needed to solve the problem.

Check out some of the designs that were produced over the months in the gallery below.