Lea County Regional Airport Terminal Expansion

Hobbs, New Mexico

Originally constructed for general aviation and intrastate carriers, the 4,890 s.f. Johnny Cope Terminal with its single, undersized gate was unable to meet the increased security regulations prompted by the onset of regional interstate service.

To meet TSA standards and increase passenger amenities, the 11,290 s.f. terminal expansion provides a conforming TSA checkpoint, 2 secured gates with a common hold room, baggage claim and other features while retaining the existing terminal’s gate for intrastate carriers.

The expansion incorporates exposed structural elements, ample natural light and a curved roof form to create a light and airy interior atmosphere, complement the existing terminal design aesthetic, and capture views of the apron and runways.

Photography ©Mattophoto 2022

Project Highlights

  • Expanded ticketing and baggage make-up, new rental car facilities, an air carrier office suite, and provisions for a food concessionaire.
  • Expanded parking area
  • Separate passenger pick-up zone
  • Improvements to sidewalks, security wall/fence and landscaping.
  • TSA training space, communications room and break area.