Sierra Vista Elementary School – Classroom Building Addition

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The classroom addition at Sierra Vista Elementary School in northwest Albuquerque replaces 17 portable structures on site and gives the 2nd-5th grade students and faculty some much needed flex space to enhance their curriculum. The students pride themselves through physical health, artistic expression, and community engagement; showcasing these achievements was priority.

The SMPC team stressed efforts to preserve playground space while using expressive form and color to excite the learning environment. The new exterior spaces support outdoor learning and physical health; the interior layout compliments collaborative teaching and grade level communities. This phase 1 design of a 3-phase master plan gives the school a new public face and neighborhood identity to celebrate Scorpion pride.

Construction on the project is postponed, pending bond approvals in upcoming municipal elections.

Project Highlights

30,500 sf elementary school classroom building expansion

Designed for energy efficiency, USGBC LEED Certification