It’s amazing what a positive effect a quick and simple creative exercise can have your productivity.

Last fall, our thoughtful account managers from Steelcase & Business Environments left a pile of Lego blocks in our break room next to the Keurig. Each time I went for coffee there was a new Lego configuration. I would take a picture of the design, then dismantle it and start on my own. Upon completing my creation, I’d snap a picture and walk back to my desk.

What I really appreciated about the activity was that it provided an easily achievable and fun design exercise. Normally when I head to the break room to top off my coffee, it’s because I’ve hit a mental wall – software not cooperating, difficulty resolving an issue with a building detail, or responding to a mountain of emails. The blocks presented a moment to take a break from my current problem, change my thinking, and tackle the issue with renewed perspective and focus needed to solve the problem.

Check out some of the designs we produced in the gallery below.