After a forty-four-year career in the profession of architecture with more than thirty-four years at SMPC Architects, Principal Emeritus Karl Schindwolf has retired. Karl started at SMPC in 1989 and has been a principal with the firm since 2000. He has provided leadership to the firm through compassion, consistency, and innovation in office management.

An inspiration to many, Karl has managed numerous projects during his time at SMPC, most notably, Los Alamos National Bank Headquarters, the African American Performing Arts Center at the State Fairgrounds, CNM Max Salazar Hall, the State of New Mexico Toney Anaya Building, Tempur-Pedic Manufacturing Plant on Albuquerque’s west mesa, and Winiarski Student Center at St. John’s College of Santa Fe.

With this transition, Karl intends to celebrate his time with family, travel, and pursue hobbies, including riding roller coasters at amusement parks around the country with his son.

“During my time with SMPC I have found meaningful satisfaction in my career by working on challenging projects with a talented group of colleagues. As principal, my goal has always been to achieve fairness, compassion and equity as an organization, and to mentor emerging professionals to an exciting and fulfilling career in architecture. The importance of those ideals, shared with all my fellow principals at SMPC, has led to what I consider to be one of the best architectural offices to work. I consider my career a success if I have managed to perpetuate those ideals for the firm moving forward. I look back at the time I have spent at SMPC and humbly thank many people for the success I have had in my career. It has been a memorable and highly significant part of my life.”